Genie Lauren is a 35-year old creator and front-end web developer who has been widely recognized for her Twitter activism using the handle @MoreAndAgain. In 2013 she was named among Ebony Magazine’s “Power 100” and listed in Jet Magazine’s first annual “40 Under 40.” In 2012, she founded Rocque More Media, LLC to redesign the platforms of her clients and build platforms for herself. She is the producer, writer, director, and host of the YouTube series and podcast Good Morning Black Twitter, as well as the producer, writer, and host of Genie Lauren’s Fast Life.

After being diagnosed with prediabetes in November 2017 (the day before Thanksgiving), Genie Lauren set out to improve her health and reverse her prognosis. In 2018, she was introduced to the idea of a ketogenic lifestyle by her primary care practitioner, and after seeing the positive effects that intermittent fasting had on her health, she was compelled to learn more about how it worked. Noticing that there is a void of information in the rapidly-growing online keto community, Genie began to comb through the research published by the National Institutes of Health (and other scholarly journals) and share knowledge with her Twitter followers. A few months in, it became apparent that there was an audience that was interested in what Genie learned, giving Genie the idea to create Genie Lauren’s Fast Life.

Genie Lauren’s Fast Life is a weekly podcast in which Genie provides tips, news, and insight on a ketogenic lifestyle. In addition to subscribing to the podcast, keto-enthusiasts can subscribe to the show on Patreon. Patrons will have access to keto recipes, be able to request topics, and be coached through keto-adaptation by Genie Lauren, personally.

When she isn’t rebutting misinformation about the “keto flu,” Genie is tweeting, critiquing shows and films, and otherwise living her best life, soon to be house hunting in The Bronx.