The Rapist Brock Turner

Convicted rapist Brock Turner is our latest, shining example of white supremacy working hard to protect itself. After ensuring that convicted rapist Brock Turner would only receive a light sentence of six months in prison for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, white supremacy put in over-time to see to it that convicted […]

I Am Dating: A Series. . . Perhaps

I am dating. I am dating because I am not married, and I would like to be married sooner rather than later. I decide I am strong-willed. I decide I am a doer. I decide I am a creator who will make real the things my mind thinks up. So, I will create my own opportunity.

I Need A Hero

To be blunt: I’m tired. To be frank: I’m tired of watching white men be saviors in tights. . . . I’m holding out for my hero, and she better be strong, and she better be fast, and she better be able to fight.

An Honor

As a child I’d pick up a copy of JET magazine, and get lost in the pages. I’d marvel at the celebrities on the cover, the “JET Beauty of the Week”, and the wedding announcements. Outside of hoping my own wedding would be announced in JET magazine . . .