The Rapist Brock Turner

Brock Turner

Convicted rapist Brock Turner is our latest, shining example of white supremacy working hard to protect itself. After ensuring that convicted rapist Brock Turner would only receive a light sentence of six months in prison for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, white supremacy put in over-time to see to it that convicted rapist Brock Turner would not have his name and image tarnished in the press. And, oh, did it work.

It has been amazing to see what institutions will do to protect white men and perpetuate white supremacy. And, by amazing, I mean absolutely infuriating – specifically in the case of convicted rapist Brock Turner. Law enforcement officials, who swore an oath to serve and protect citizens, wouldn’t even release the mug shot of convicted rapist Brock Turner until journalist Diana Prichard pressured them to do so. Mainstream news organizations, which at one point were supposed to have some kind of journalistic integrity, bent over backwards to refer to Brock Turner as everything but a convicted rapist. Case in point: as of this moment – Monday, June 6, 2016, 9:52 PM – @Salon has yet to even bother deleting a tweet in which they refer to Brock Turner as a “Stanford Swimmer Attacker”, with an attachment photo that depicts a buttoned-up Brock Turner superimposed on the image of a swimming pool (because, if there’s one thing the media doesn’t want us to forget about Brock Turner, it’s that he’s a swimmer). The actual headline found on Salon’s site uses the same wording, and has yet to be changed, as well.

Yes, this is rape culture. But, more acutely, this is white supremacy. And, what makes this so scary is that white supremacy is for white supremacy’s sake. White supremacy would rather unleash convicted rapist Brock Turner onto the world, image untarnished and free to rape again, than have a white man suffer the consequences of his actions.